Wild At Heart – Self Publishing Books

Wild at Heart has been a long awaited project formed for the purpose of allowing those children isolated inside wards to get to see some of the animals at the Melbourne Zoo. The book was brought about,by keeping me occupied between the long hours of being at Ronald McDonald House for my son that over the christmas period of 2011, receiving a liver transplant,and Ronald mac house was there to support me and the wife during that time.
While i was there i made a lot of friends,and met a lot of sick children that were getting various treatments for what they had. I almost didn’t make it back to Tasmania due to a spider bite from a red-back that could have killed me.

So for the children of Ronald McDonald House I came up with the idea to allow these children to see the animals they would not normally get to see, In the book there is information on how some of the shots were taken,and in others my feelings on how i came so close to the subjects. overall the book is 64 pages of Photos and text.

I hope that the children that recieve this book,enjoy the book for years to come.

The Book can be purchased via This Link.