Skatepark Shooting

devonport skatepark competition

When it comes to shooting sports images, I like to have a good friendship with the organisers of the event,they have met me before and always let me shoot for the event without hassle. This one was to get a feel of shooting sport of BMX action. just to get practice in for the sports season and events alike. So the Devonport Skatepark is my testing ground for getting myself upto speed.

I first showed myself to the event organiser to let them know my intentions, also wearing appropriate branded shirt showing my logo. so they know what im there for. if not obvious. And being known to a few of the riders on the day helps with getting shots. I also have to observe the lines they make in practice etc to determine the best spot to shoot from, and that makes an easy way to assess where they will be for a certain trick they know. you can also ask them what they want shot on the day.

I  locked in my exposure for a pretty overcast day,and bumped the ISO upto 400. as i know iso 100 will reduce the needed shutter speed without an IS lens for a clean shot at lower shutter speed. shooting at f6.3 to f8.0 and between 1/500th to 1/1000th shutter speed with the current lens i have on the 7d sport shooter body which is the Tamron 18-250 DI II i proceeded to shoot.

I use back focus on my camera body, as im always gripping the camera in a way to have easy acess to track and follow focus on the subject. prevents shutter lag also when in the moment of shot and it also helps as i have double jointed thumbs to hit that over the shutter front pre-focus setup of the past.

Onto the pictures.

I know i could have got closer, but I was talking to a few people and mates catching up after such a long time out of the loop in the sports scene due to my injuries from last year that made me a crippled with a fractured patella on my left knee giving me hell on earth. lots of painkillers made this trip worth it. yes i mean 2 panadol osteo to get there. Pain management skills +1 .

I would like to thank Damien Collins for running these events, as they are great for the younger kids to get involved. Know Your Odds for helping out those suffering Gambling problems in the community. The Riders,The Crowd,and devonport Youth Community for putting the event together. and not to forget if you got hurt, St John Ambulance.

If anyone out there would like to do a shoot in the future (after feb). I may bend to making these happen. even if its a $50 Mini Shoot for riders. it will happen this year.  I would include a print in that price also. like an 11″x14″ or thereabouts. I just have to get my fitness and health upto speed first. Then this will happen.

Keep it real,Ride Hard