Devonport Triathlon 2015

The heat of the sun bearing down upon me, I had a lens rubber perish in the heat on the 18-250mm lens. That was the last time this lens will be used for the triathlon. As i have the 150-600mm to lug about, and a few more items to recieve, I will be on my way to more sports events later in the next week.

The shots below are from the triathlon, They were shot handheld, and without Image Stabilisation. A steady hand and a good idea of the final shot is all that is required.

As i stood in an area without shade, and sunscreen on, I realised to myself that I was the only photographer at the end of the turn-around for the riders and with that had little to no crowds in the background of my shots. This was an excellent spot I will use next year, but maybe with a shade tent. as it was scorching.

After a while I started on the running leg of the race, and enjoyed the moments when the water boys fought over bottles from the racers, to the close proximity of my lens to the inside leg of the runner and the garbage bin. Not the most enjoyable spot to be, but a nice advantage point.

Jaz Hedgeland during the final run leg.

The shot paid off with the feet on the ground, and the kids I described in the background picking up the bottle. The emotion on the face of jaz is one of pain and anxiety, this is raw emotion of the amount of effort these triathletes go through.

After the run leg had finished, the runners were exhausted,and the photographers were thick and fast, not including young and in my way of a good shot. but not being phased on the range in which the 18-250mm runs at, I shot through the ignorant photographers and media moguls shooting images with ipads to grab shots at the end of thier race. Before I was cooked by the sun and left this was the last frame i took at the Devonport Triathlon 2015.

The emotional hug with her sister that was scared to go up and congratulate her during the media frenzy, and after this shot, then the photographers realized what was happening. I guess in any event, you get lucky, This weekend is the Devonport Regatta, I hope this one turns out some great action.