Cam I Am…..

I Am a Photographer!
I am a photographer

screaming at the top of my lungs,I AM… I AM…. a PHOTOGRAPHER, And I understand the concepts in which i have taken images from earlier times and created items that are elements from the past into the present. the time of the lost places we walk past everyday,and then one day its gone.

The historical places that surround us,that would become a place where stories would once be told. why do I have this form of understanding the world around me? Well here is how It all started in photography. I had a severe brain injury when I was 7 years old, not knowing how long until my memory gave up. so the photographs around me,remind me of the people I have lost,and the places I have gone, in no way am I the smartest person in the world.

There is always the thought that one day into the future my mind will just give up,not knowing when or how,until that time I am taking photographs and surrounding myself with memories that make me remember a moment be it taken of someone I know,or something I once enjoyed,

I am a photographer, creating memories for those that want them taken,knowing one day that my memory will be gone and unknowing of who the people i have taken were.

So if you see me,and ask do i know you from somewhere? and i say not that i remember, it may be that we once met and i forgot who you were.

Cameron Lundstedt

Do you just press a button?
NO,NO,NO. I have the thought behind the work,the hours if not months to create and refine that one image. so plainly,NO.