Astrophotography and the mysterious universe

I ventured out to attempt to get images of the night sky. Now my backyard is situated where the milky way passes by my skyline so i did not have to go far, with a 7 metre patio area, i was able to get some height from there to setup the tripod asnd camera with ease. I did have a problem with #manfrotto tripod head the 804RC2 being built backwards. meaning I could point my lens towards the ground, but not at 90′ to the sky. So to counter this situation in testing , i flipped the tripod mounting clip around on the camera.

After which this is a -1′ night and i have no gloves, and no hand warmers, so i did not want to sit out there for too long. I started to capture images at differing iso and aperture from f2.8 iso 2000-3200 and 30 second exposures running the camera shutter on a timer for 10 seconds from camera. focus was done by setting the camera lens to infinity. this allowed me to back off the focus on the cameras shutter button, and reduce motion blur. in the time of 30 seconds at iso 2000 f2.8 I started to create the image below.


I enjoy the silent cold night, looking upto the universe and thanking it for its gift of light. In the 177 years of photography, astrophotography would be there for looking to the stars for guidance for navigating continents with a sextant. So my love for the ocean and the stars, when my back is 100% better, and my body can take the gear. Im venturing past my holdings of my confined spaces to the outdoors.

Pardoe beach may be an option on a quiet night, and devonport lighthouse. is there any other places you would like to see in the night? All about the adventure of life, right.