Creating Miniplanets.

In creating a design for a background to be included to my portfolio of experimental designs from scratch in photoshop. In my creation of surreal 3dimensional images in my past, i have attempted to recreate these designs similar in technique to express my own  view on looking to the stars. This is the beginning in an experiment that i have wanted to create. Starting from my work in this class. This is how i came to create the design. Starting with an 8×10 inch layout in photoshop. I began by

Whats in a Logo?

In creating a logo that has meaning for my business, I started to brainstorm what i wanted that to inherit.So i thought about the old style of imagery where you would take a word like alligator and make a shaped image with lettering of the name. I took this step a little bit further with my Graphic Design background and made the words “Khrome Photography” inherit a part of the final image to create the logo. I love the style,and idea of creating an image to become that business trend

A Long Month….

It has been a long month, and a busy one. I have been creating all kinds of things this month and getting ready for an exhibition later in this year for tidal title in Devonport Regional Art Gallery. I am quite excited to hopefully get my artwork up there as a piece of their exhibit at the end of the year(fingers crossed) . In the meantime i have been making a few new actions for Photoshop. Including 1912 Photo Format-High Noise and Low Resolution Images Stereographic Images Iphone case design