About Me

Automotive and Sports Photographer

It all began back in 1986 when my father had his passion for old motor vehicles and in my attempts of documenting my life and the vehicles in which i grew up with, I started to appreciate and respect the work that went into these “dream machines”.

looking deep into the polished metal of Pontiac, Valiant, Renault, Pacer, Chevrolet, it thundered memories of Jim Davis and his famed Garfield cartoons, my love of coffee,lasagna and the dislike for Mondays, I created Khrome 10 years later,in the shadow of my childhood. The polished steel and the reflection of seeing that gleam every time i saw a beautiful vehicle majestically cruising down the road.

After which I had created a global brand name. In which I have had the opportunity to design concepts from fine art, research and restoring old images to former glory. All the while creating a solid foundation of professionalism and expertise in my field.

I have been awarded the following :

SIGnature Magazine 2008 Bluetooth Awards (Bluetooth baby Monitor Designer) by Com One
Tasmanian Alkaloids 2014 2nd Prize Art Award

Hotels of Devonport 2013 : Hosted at Latrobe Axemans Hall of Fame for exhibit “Photomontage”