Astrophotography and the mysterious universe

I ventured out to attempt to get images of the night sky. Now my backyard is situated where the milky way passes by my skyline so i did not have to go far, with a 7 metre patio area, i was able to get some height from there to setup the tripod asnd camera with […]

Fine Art

I would photograph the most historical parts of a city and create an image that has redefined meaning. And bring the world around me and the experiences of what I was creating and make those things a part of the final image from the trees, the mist and layer upon layer of the photograph is blended in Photoshop […]

Devonport Triathlon 2015

The heat of the sun bearing down upon me, I had a lens rubber perish in the heat on the 18-250mm lens. That was the last time this lens will be used for the triathlon. As i have the 150-600mm to lug about, and a few more items to recieve, I will be on my […]

Cam I Am…..

I Am a Photographer! I am a photographer screaming at the top of my lungs,I AM… I AM…. a PHOTOGRAPHER, And I understand the concepts in which i have taken images from earlier times and created items that are elements from the past into the present. the time of the lost places we walk past […]

Wild At Heart – Self Publishing Books

Wild at Heart has been a long awaited project formed for the purpose of allowing those children isolated inside wards to get to see some of the animals at the Melbourne Zoo. The book was brought about,by keeping me occupied between the long hours of being at Ronald McDonald House for my son that over […]